Crit is a professional survival trainer and a former instructor for the world renowned Boulder Outdoor Survival School.  He has guided hundreds of adult students through grueling yet life changing experiences in remote wilderness environments. He teaches a wide variety of self-reliance skills including: fire-making, shelter building, wilderness awareness, edible plants, and ethical leadership.

“Crit Callebs is a master instructor of his disciplines. From fire making to working with primitive tools, Crit not only shows students how its done, but explains the origins of his crafts and allows students to truly understand what they are learning. I have taken several courses from Crit and each time I am astounded by the amount of knowledge he conveys. I would recommend Crit to any individual or institution that would like to work toward perfecting their skills in outdoor survival.”

Tom Potter, Outdoor Trip Coordinator, CWU Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals

“Crit did an amazing job instructing our group and showing us different skills to survive in the back country. Having a different perspective on the topics he presented were extremely helpful and insightful. I would recommend taking instruction from him not only because I learned something new about survival with minimal resources, but also for the cultural aspect of the lesson. I learned so much more than I thought I could have.”

Christian Martin, CWU Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals