Crit has taught all levels of storytellers how to become better at their craft.  All participants will gain an actual set of storytelling tools to help them effectively choose, learn and confidently present their story to an audience.

“Crit Callebs is a masterful teller of Native American stories who incorporates a true sense of the culture and meaning of these stories.  His craft is deeply rooted in the philosophies of the narratives of indigenous peoples”

John Edward Huth, Donner Professor of Science, Harvard University

“Crit Callebs is a very talented and inspiring story teller and teacher.  His storytelling workshop taught me some very useful tools to help me prepare and deliver lectures. I feel so much more relaxed with my own presence when standing in front of a crowd now. Thanks”

Georgianne Lilgreen (Tlingit), Former Instructor, Alderleaf Wilderness College