Crit is a traditional storyteller and influential speaker.  He uses stories to uplift and inspire listeners to new heights of understanding.  Crit believes that stories are powerful spiritual tools that open people’s hearts and are a catalyst for positive change.

Crit Callebs brings a highly developed dramatic sensibility as well as scholarly integrity to his work as an indigenous storyteller and public intellectual. Crit is deeply engaging for audiences of all ages: his wry sense of humor, skillful timing, and vast knowledge of diverse Native American traditions hold the attention of children and adults alike. He is a compelling lecturer on American Indian philosophy, folklore and lifeways, as well as indigenous treaty rights and environmental sustainability. I highly recommend him.”

 Mark Auslander, PhD, Director, Museum of Environment and Culture

“I met Crit at the 2014 Native American Training Institute.  He shared the Walela (which means hummingbird in Cherokee) story.  Crit told the story with the utmost respect to the animals in the story. He expressed his passion for traditional creation stories and its history.  In the Dine tribe, it is an honor and a blessing to hear a story, it brings you closer to the sacredness of Mother Earth and provides spiritual healing.  Crit provided both, he definitely has a true gift.  You have to hear his stories!   Thank you Crit.”

LeToy Harrison (Dine) Counselor, Dine College, Shiprock, New Mexico