Mentoring is the traditional art of sharing knowledge, skills and resources to empower another person’s life. Crit mentors hundreds of youth and adults by using storytelling and cultural traditions.  He assists them in learning new skills, acquiring knowledge, and cultivating a fresh perspective on challenging issues.

“Crit Callebs is an exceptional facilitator who connects with youth on a very deep level. His mastery of storytelling, primitive skills, and mentoring set him apart from any other educator I have ever worked with. Crit skillfully weaves these ancient arts into a contemporary experience that leaves a dramatic and lasting impression”                                                                                                                                                Tim Walsh, Executive Director, Newport Academy

“I’m so grateful that the kids and families get a chance to work with Crit.  Through his storytelling and wisdom, I watched both parents and kids make major shifts in their treatment.  As a family therapist, when I see parents taking greater accountability for their behavior as a result of interacting with Crit, or when kids say they had a spiritual experience that helps them cope better with their addiction or mental health, I know he’s had a profound impact of them”                                                                                               Spencer MacDonald, Therapist, Newport Academy