Bio pic 1Crit Callebs is of Eastern Band Cherokee and Appalachian descent and lives on the Yakama Nation Indian Reservation where he is a drummer, singer and food gatherer for the White Swan Longhouse.  Crit is also a proud, licensed foster parent for the Nak Nu We Sha Foster Care Program.

As a traditional storyteller, mentor and highly influential speaker, Crit travels throughout the U.S. sharing stories and facilitating workshops with Tribal organizations, Universities, K-12 schools and teen treatment centers.  Crit has been a featured storyteller at Harvard University, University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, CWU Museum of Culture and Environment, Native Wellness Institute and the Native American Training Institute.  He uses stories to uplift and inspire listeners to new heights of understanding.

Crit is a highly sought after speaker on numerous topics including: Peacekeeping, Indigenous values, ethical leadership, mentoring and family relationships.  Crit has been a keynote speaker for conferences such as the 12th Annual “Globalization, Diversity, Education” conference and the Alhadeff Future Teachers of Color conference hosted by Washington State University.  He is a member of the Northwest Indian Storytelling Association and was a very popular guest lecturer for Central Washington University’s (CWU) American Indian Studies program.  As a graduate assistant at CWU he served as the Native American Liaison at the Center for Diversity and Social Justice.  Crit has also been trained to teach the “Since Time Immemorial” tribal sovereignty and history curriculum implemented in K-12 classrooms in Washington State.

Crit is a mentor and therapeutic facilitator for the Newport Academy.  They are the nation’s leader in providing teen treatment for adolescents suffering from mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse issues.  Crit mentors youth, families, staff, and therapists using traditional storytelling, awareness activities and self-empowerment techniques.  He focuses on connecting youth with the power of choice and helping them understand that they write their own life story, create their own destiny and have all of the tools to heal themselves.

Crit is a co-founding member and Executive Director of the Peacekeeper Society, a Native American nonprofit that consists of tribal mentors, trainers, and wisdom keepers from various Indian nations.  Their mission is to provide life changing mentoring opportunities for youth and adults.  They accomplish this by teaching cultural activities, storytelling, and wilderness survival skills.  The Peacekeepers work with tribes, non-tribal organizations and have hosted unique programs for adults and youth on topics such as traditional weaving, plant gathering, storytelling, mentoring, and Native wellness activities.

Finally, Crit is a professional survival instructor and former guide for the world renowned Boulder Outdoor Survival School.  One of his great passions is teaching youth and adults how to be self-reliant in the wilderness.  Crit has taught thousands of people how to make traditional fires, build shelters, and to respect the natural environment.  He helped facilitate the Colville Tribes Youth “Warrior Camp” in Nespelem and the Gen7 cultural camp in Seattle.  He is currently planning outdoor trips in Utah, Washington and California.  

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